Bron and Sarah with their muse/mews

Bron and Sarah with their muse/mews


YoMeryl is an Art + Animation studio based in Los Angeles, run by Bronwyn Lundberg and Sarah Zucker.

Bronwyn Lundberg is an animator and painter, known for her iconic work, “Lesbian Last Supper.”

Sarah Zucker is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. She is a Jeopardy! Champion.

Contact us with inquiries and commissions at:

Clients and Publications include: Super Deluxe, The City of West Hollywood, The Brooklyn Museum, The Center for Disease Control, Giphy, Tumblr Creatrs, New York Magazine, Details, HuffPost, Into and more.

Bronwyn Lundberg’s Lesbian Last Supper and YoMeryl’s Etsy on “The Ellen Show.”